March 23, 2009

Walking on the Wild Side

Jane: "You know, it would really be easier if we both walked the dogs this morning. It goes much faster," Rich said.

I felt a twinge of guilt as I lay groggily in bed. My husband was already up and dressed, ready to venture forth on this rainy, dark Monday morning with Boomer and Daisy in tow.

Lately Rich had been taking Boomer, our full-grown Lab, on walks with Daisy, our pup, while I lounged in bed. But two dogs and one owner literally makes for a walk on the wild side. There are serious risks to this suburban safari: You could be yanked in two different directions; knocked off your feet; or strangled in the act of detangling leashes from body parts and pets. Sigh. Rich was right. I needed to get moving, no matter how inviting bed remained.

A few minutes later, I stumbled out into the morning, a cap concealing my bedhead, and guided Daisy from the neighbor's newspaper (which she tried to to shake to death). At 5:45 a.m., it's a little difficult for a foggy brain to grasp the wonder of these canine companions.

But as my husband and I ambled along in silence (after all, I hadn't even had coffee), I remembered why Rich and I are in this thing together--there's nothing more fun than taking a walk with your dog(s). Maybe it's the fresh air and the beauty of nature, or the joy of seeing dogs revel in discovery, or the opportunity to connect with your spouse. But in the end--even at the crack of dawn--the experience can't be beat. Owning a dog--or two, or three--is work, but the perks are great!

What do you love most about walking your dog?

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"Daisy, are they clean yet?"

Happiness Is . . .

Happiness Is . . .
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