January 18, 2010

Water Walking

Rich: Winter lets us see water in all its forms, sometimes all in the span of a day. There it is, everywhere, beautifully presented. Sometimes it flows, like the water in the west branch of the DuPage River.

That's the kind of water you can play in, if you're of such a mind as Daisy was today.

Many times, it's disguised as snow.

When you walk in this snow water, people are going to know where you've been.

And in the mornings, it comes as a mist, like yesterday when a dreary fog enveloped the trees in the distance.

Water doesn't do straight lines; it moves in curves and waves.

YakTrax come in handy when the going gets icy.

January 11, 2010

We're Not In Cocoa Beach Anymore


Rich: I didn't want to get out of bed. I really didn't want to get out of bed. I really really didn't.

But somehow I did.

It was a dark and snowy morning, at least a half hour before sunrise. I stuffed a point and shoot camera in my pocket, grabbed the leashes, and off we went - Boomer all crazed about the falling snow, Daisy all crazed to be awake and me, just plain crazed.

In the darkness, the camera flash caught snowflakes in mid-fall. Something told me we were a long way from Lori Wilson Park, subject of last week's post. Maybe it was the frostbite.

Now that we're back, I'm glad we went.



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January 3, 2010

Where in the Doggie World?

Rich: On New Year's Eve, I returned from my ninth trip to Florida in the last twelve months. Two of these visits were road trips that included Jane, Boomer, and Daisy, too. Those were the pleasure trips.

We discovered and quickly came to enjoy Lori Wilson off-leash dog park a few miles away from where we stayed. It's a great park filled with friendly people and terrific dogs. (More on that topic in future posts.)

Maybe you can guess where it's located if we provide a few clues:

1. From Lori Wilson dog park, on a clear day you can see space shuttles coming in for a landing. One day while Boomer and Daisy romped, we spotted one such landing. The shuttle came into view after two sharp sonic booms announced it. Wow!

2. Lori Wilson dog park is located on a street with the strangest name, as you can see below:

Now you know where the park is in Florida. Right?

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"Daisy, are they clean yet?"

Happiness Is . . .

Happiness Is . . .
a warm puppy named Daisy!