July 17, 2009

Scenes from the Dog Park

We're celebrating wordless Wednesday on Friday this week. Have a great weekend, all!

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July 10, 2009

No News Was Good News

Jane: Last week we promised you a report on The WoofGang's maiden voyage to Michigan for the 4th of July. In fact, we promised we'd update you last Monday. In case you thought the events were so traumatic that we couldn't even write about them until today, rest easy. All was calm on the Eastern front--surprisingly so. In fact, the brief trip left us with more stories of what didn't happen than what did. No inappropriate pooping or humping. No destruction (except for the netting on my brother's screened-in tent). No consumption of people food from off the counter. No peeing on carpets, no attacking their elder, Gus, no fireworks (celebratory or otherwise). It was all rather homey and mundane, a true gathering of loved ones who consumed too much food and fell asleep sitting in their lawn chairs.

The biggest excitement of the weekend was the repeated appearance of a groundhog pup that kept poking his head out from the wooden fence. He'd gather his courage to cross under the fence and check out the surrounding mulched area, only to dash back under to other side whenever the dogs appeared.

Boomer and Daisy never had a clue as to what was happening in their adopted backyard. They were too busy chewing on their rawhide bones or searching the backyard for tidbits from one of those dog toys you stuff with kibble.

My mighty-hunter brother (who numbers as his big game a few chipmunks) carefully set up a humane trap complete with goodies to lure the groundhog, but the goodies succeeded only in luring Daisy, who fortunately is now too big to fit in the trap. Otherwise, things might have gotten more interesting.

All in all, The WoofGang considered the past weekend a successful venture into the world of dog-friendly travel. So we'll be testing our luck once again in a few weeks when we make the long drive from Chicago to Florida with Boomer and Daisy in tow. We'll be staying with my husband's family (who doesn't like dogs). We've never even dared broach the subject of bringing our pets on a visit before. But the ice is broken; the die is cast. There's no turning back now. Besides, whatever canine misadventures lie ahead will make great fodder for a few new WoofGang blog posts!

July 2, 2009

Road Trip

Jane: It's coming . . . our first long-distance road trip with Boomer and Daisy. We've decided to load up the politically incorrect (but dog friendly) SUV, drive to Michigan, and celebrate the 4th at a BBQ hosted by my extended family. The entire WoofGang is drooling with excitement--but we're not so sure about the other family members we'll be visiting. You see, while my mom and dad adore Boomer and Daisy, they do their adoring on our turf, not theirs. And then there's the whole matter of puppy-proofing an unfamiliar (to two of the youngest members of the WoofGang) house, and the clash of generations. For my brother's family owns a dear, elderly Schnauzer, WoofGang cousin Gus (pictured upper left). How will the impetuous Daisy and the powerful Boomer take to a new yard, a senior dog, and barbecued food that most likely will be within easy reach of snarfing? I can almost envision it right now . . . and it ain't necessarily pretty.

We'll keep you posted and provide a blow-by-blow come Monday. In the meantime, safe travels and a happy July 4 to you all!


"Daisy, are they clean yet?"

Happiness Is . . .

Happiness Is . . .
a warm puppy named Daisy!