March 30, 2009


If you think the economy's going to the dogs, then you need The WoofGang's Guide to Understanding the News.

as-set (noun): A useful and desirable thing; your dog. Related forms toxic asset: the thing that leaves your dog's behind; the aftereffect of consumption; Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP): walking your dog.

bail-out; bail out (noun; verb): To skip walking your dog when the weather stinks.

budg-et (verb): To kick your dog off the couch.

class en-vy (noun): One dog eyeing another dog's bone.

ec-o-nom-ic down-turn (noun): Your checking account balance after a vet visit.

free mar-ket (verb): Unrestrained feeding from an open food source.

Gross Do-mes-tic Prod-uct (proper noun): See asset, toxic.

re-fi (verb): What you do to afford your dog.

stim-u-lus pack-age (noun): The UPS deliveryman who rings your doorbell.

stim-u-lus roll-out (noun): See photo above.

tax hike (noun): Walking your dog until you drop.

tel-e-promp-ter (noun): Dog barking on TV. Variation Doorbell ringing on TV.

The Fed chair-man (proper noun): The gatekeeper of the treat jar.

waste-ful spend-ing (noun): Obedience classes.

wealth trans-fer (noun): A vet visit.


  1. I absolutely loved this post!!! Very clever. Your dogs are adorable.

  2. Thats the cutest picture I've seen. Boomer looks like an angel compared to Daisy, but I have a feeling he had something to do with the mess too!



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Happiness Is . . .
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