March 23, 2009

Rich's List of Oh-ohs

Here, according to Rich, is a list of questions you NEVER want people to ask about your dog:

1. Did he just eat what I think he ate? (Or: What's that he's got in his mouth?)

2. Does he always do that?

3. Was he like that when you got him?

4. Whose dog is this?

5. Will it ever go away?

6. Is he like that at home?

7. Did you meet both parents before you got him?

Misery loves company, so please add to our list. We'll be waiting to hear from you!


  1. you don't have children do you?

  2. Yeah. Like, aren't you glad your children don't act like that?

  3. Is he a house dog? (This always makes me feel guilty, because both our lab and our golden are outdoor dogs. Concerned dog owners usually look at us disapprovingly when we answer this question.)



"Daisy, are they clean yet?"

Happiness Is . . .

Happiness Is . . .
a warm puppy named Daisy!