April 27, 2009

Seasonal Disorder

Rich: Forget the snow that fell two weeks ago. Lose the boots and the balaclava. Mothball the fleece. Prepare to suffer another stretch of good weather, even great weather, wearing t-shirts, shorts, sandals, and SPF 30.

Most years of my life I'd be thrilled to tell winter to kiss off. I'd be more than ready for sunshine, warm weather, baseball games, and motorcycle rides. But this year is different, way different. I flat out miss winter already.

I don't mean dressing in layers or the frostbitten fingers. Our area, known for its biting winds (they say the hawk flies on those blustery days), had an especially brutal time of it this year.

I miss the solitude that became my morning walk with Boomer. Most pre-Daisy mornings he and I walked before sunrise, waiting vainly for some warmth even as we received the light. It was "me and the Booms," trudging a footpath through the snow, coming back the next day to notice that ours were still the only footprints there. We shared the Prairie Path with the deer, coyotes, a fox, and birds whose songs weren't suppressed by the deepest chill. Sometimes we met another person, but not often. Others had a keener sense of survival, I suppose.

Boomer's everyday enthusiasm eventually softened my winter worldview. Winter started as a world stripped of color. It became a celebration of fiery sunrises. Without leaves the trees revealed their hidden beehives and bird nests. The cardinals and kingfishers stood out on bare branches. The many blues of the winter sky painted the pristine snow and reflected off the waters of a nearby beaver creek and pond.

Boomer wore a yellow collar round his neck, I wore a camera around mine. He explored, I observed. He pointed, I clicked. Once in a while, I could see in his eyes he knew, as did I, we were having the time of our lives.

As I press through this spring, summer, and fall, I know winter's coming back. I'll soon be missing these days of green grass, motorcycle trips, and baseball games.

But for now, believe it or not, winter memories still warm my heart.


  1. I might not be able to get in agreement with you on this one, Rich, but I still contend...you're a dang good writer! It's been fun to see this side of you (you Rennaissance Man, you!) through this blog!


  2. I love the pictures of the wildlife. They are amazing. The deer, the birds, even the wolf or fox, (I'm a city girl, I can't tell them apart)they all look "suitable for framing". Thank you for sharing you winter walk with us in pictures as well as reflective comments! charlene

  3. rich....that was so beautiful....you're a poet...

    thanks, really enjoyed that :)

    your sis-in-law xoxo

  4. just looked at the pics as well...how beautiful they are...i remember walking along that path when we were out to visit...no snow then though....we had such a wonderful time, you and jane made sure we did everything, including that amazing dinner looking down on the fireworks (now that's hard to do) and the golf tournament that bob enjoyed so much...such nice memories of your wonderful hospitality :)

    p.s. i think boomer has some explaining to do regarding those feathers...lol

  5. ewww! Dad, what was he eating???? I hope you didn't let him lick you later!



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Happiness Is . . .
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