April 20, 2009

Have Dog, Will Travel

The WoofGang's collective tail started wagging at the news Honda was introducing a dog-friendly Honda Element this fall. Features are to include a built-in doggie ramp, water bowl, restraint system, and cooling fan.

But what about all the other essential features every dog owner really yearns for in a vehicle? Woofie brainstormed the accessories we'd like to see included in a WoofGang Edition of the Honda Element.

The truly discerning dog owner expects:

Dog Positioning Satellite (DPS) Gives you directions for locating your runaway dog

Hair Bags Absorbs the shock of a flying dog when you slam on the brakes

DogStar Satellite system directs you to dog parks and drive-up windows that provide doggie treats

Anti-Bark System (ABS) Eliminates annoying barking with the push of a control-panel button

Car TV Monitor Plays Animal Planet network continuously

Smudge Resistant Glass with Interior Wipers Eradicates dog snot on the inside of your back windows

Emissions Control Built-in pooper scooper

What dog-friendly car features would you like to see? We're eager to hear from you!


  1. Washable padding that adheres to the walls of the car and floor of the car, so you can just shake out the dog hair and/or machine wash it.

    Clothing brush and sticky tape roller handy for removing dog hair from oneself.

    Instead of the wipers on the window; a Windex bottle holder and shammy mounted in the back of the car.


  2. Great! Woofie loves those idea, especially the sticky tape roller. Perhaps a special holster to hold it?

  3. A fake fire hydrant with a pan to catch the, um, doggie contributions? Or maybe a flower pot shaped like a fire hydrant so that the plants can be watered?

  4. I ALWAYS buy my vehicles with my dog(s) in mind! Ventilation is THE most important thing-- you're going to have to park pooch inside at some point. So... shaded windows that OPEN! Wouldn't it be cool to have windows that open but pooch couldn't get out or theives in? The fan is a great start. Oh yea-- and when my guy decides he wants the front passenger seat of my Element, I'd love an instant off for that air bag warning light and seat belt warning beep... then again I love the idea of a built in harness sytem!

  5. Oh my gosh - had to read this out loud to my husband it made me laugh so much, loved the smudge resistant glass for the constant dog snot! We need electronic ramps for our guys as we have to lift them in and out as they are getting 2 old.

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